klein Tank“z“ ist gut in Sydney (Du-dnez) *insider* gelandet… in einer Stunde faehrt mein Bus nach Canberra, bis dahin muss ich wohl noch weiter in der Kaelte verharren, aber mein das Lesen meines Reisefuerhers (lonely planet: sehr empfehlenswert!!) amuesiert mich, sodass die Zeit wohl schnell vergehen wird..

PS: bei mir ist es halb 8 morgens *gaehn*

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  1. Felix

    Hi Tanky! Are you really cold? Some hazy shade of winter in down under? Or are you cold, just because it’s half past seven? Greetz, Felix (messages coming up in english, please)

  2. Tanky

    Me… talking english? no way…. I’m fu***** cold because it“s winter here. Went out with the dog in the morning –> 7C is not much!!!

    photos will follow… I promis

  3. DayLight

    cloudy 18°C in wuerzburg

    i could imagine you miss the lousy franconian summerweather 😀

  4. Blume

    Wieha Hey Ho, how are you today!
    I just got home from San Francisco… spent a wonderful week there. My sister invited me to join her. The weather was way better than here in Germany… we crossed the whole city, visited the MOMA, Fisherman’s Wharf, Telegraph Hill (…) and had even the time to relax a bit at Ocean Beach. Cool city on the one hand, masses of homeless and drug-addicted people on the other. It was my first time in the States… was kinda cool!

    Take care and keep in touch… Blume

  5. Tanky

    HEy flower,

    I’ve heard that u went to the States without saying good bye 🙁 😉
    Now, the „Zupfer“ have your fingerprints, haven’t they?
    But nice to hear that u also had a great time!
    Hope to cu when I’m back!!!

  6. Blume

    Sure. T’was just a week…
    They recorded my voice in every MUNI i travelled with, had me on tape everywhre i was… aaand of course took my fingerprints when I arrived. The funny thing is, that my old Flexaret-Boxcamera was checked (two times) for any explosive substances here in Germany but not at all in the US. 🙂

    What’s up in downunder? Any News?… keep on blogging!

    btw: I’m melting away… fucking 189°C in Würzburg! Plus kinda ill… cold or something! :/ Mah ^^

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